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Courses recently taught at the University of St. Gallen:

  • 10.282.1 Topics in Asset Management (Ph.D. in Finance)
  • 8,152,1 Derivatives (MBF)
  • 7,150,1 Financial Markets (MBF)
  • 8.194,1 Derivatives Modeling in Excel VBA (MBF)
  • 8,184,1 Practical Seminar (MBF)
  • 8.174,1 Financial Modeling Workshop: Asset Allocation (MBF)
  • 8,186,3 Research Seminar in Finance (MBF)
  • 6,143,1 Investments (Bachelor)
  • 7,462,1 Economic and Legal Analysis of Financial Insturments (MLE)

Courses previously taught at the University of St. Gallen:

  • Research Seminar in Alternative Investments (MBF)
  • Financial Markets and Financial Intermediaries (MLE)
  • Futures and Options (Full-Time MBA)
  • Fundamentals of Finance (Full-Time MBA)
  • Derivative Instruments (MBF)
  • Valuation of Derivatives (MBF)
  • Financial Modeling Workshop (MBF)
  • Research Seminar in Portfolio Management (MBF)
  • Derivative Markets (MiQE/F)
  • Corporate Finance (Executive MBA)
  • Theory of Finance (MBF)
  • Derivatives (Ph.D. in Finance)
  • Capital Market Theory (B.A. in Econonmics)
  • International Finance (M.A.)
  • Futures Markets (M.A.)
  • International Financial Markets and Corporate Governance (B.A.)